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National Programme for Tuberculosis Control & Chest Diseases (NPTCCD) is the central organization of the Ministry of Health responsible for controlling and preventing tuberculosis (TB) & other respiratory diseases throughout Sri Lanka. Fortunately, Sri Lanka is having a moderate burden of TB  although the burden of other respiratory diseases is rising. We have a strong TB and chest diseases control program, but there are areas we have to further strengthen. However, TB & respiratory diseases remain as a serious Public Health problem and poses a continuing threat to the health and social life of the people.In this context, everyone in the society has a role to play to minimize chest disease burden. NPTCCD aims to enhance the awareness on chest diseases and its health impacts to the individual, family, society and to the nation.        Read more…..

Director’s Message

Tuberculosis is a global pandemic. The WHO estimates 9.9 million persons acquired the TB infection in 2020 which is in other words 127 per 100,000 population. Global deaths among patients with TB exceeds 1.2 million. The disease is more complicated with TB HIV co infection, rising non communicable diseases and emerging drug resistance. The emerging pandemics, environment changes and dynamic socioeconomic state significantly influence disease behavior and how preventive and control strategies shall behave.

Sri Lanka, being a low burden country with TB, still needs to pay much attention due to its geographical location, trade, and commerce and as a popular destination for tourism. Having a low prevalence and death rate among TB patients and the gap between the estimated and diagnosed persons are core background to find effective strategies in disease control activities.

The National Programme for Tuberculosis Control and Chest Disease (NPTCCD) is the focal point to develop, implement, and monitor national level TB control and preventive activities in Sri Lanka. The directorate works closely with relevant ministerial units, other state and private sectors and community entities and collaborates with the WHO and the Global Fund to reach the End TB targets set by the WHO. These activities aim at improving case detection, reduce the number of TB deaths and catastrophic costs incurred on patients with TB. The NPTCCD understands and commit to work identifying the TB control activities nationally to meet the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The district level TB control activities are conducted through the District Chest Clinics (DCCs) covering all 26 districts in the country. Case detection through clinical assessment, screening and microbiological and radiological testing facilities are provided by every district clinic for free of charge. The Provision of anti TB drugs to patients referred from state sector as well as private sector are provided free of charge through the national programme. The NPTCCD has taken steps to improve diagnostic facilities incorporating the latest technology (molecular diagnostics and Drug Resistance testing) so that the quality of care will be improved. We work closely with relevant professional colleges to develop guidelines, implement standard treatment policies to improve quality of care and ensure optimum and sustainable care bundle is delivered to patients according to national and internationally standards.

Ending TB is a challenging but achievable goal for Sri Lanka. We appreciate the continuous commitment rendered by every stakeholder involve towards this goal. We highly appreciate the commitment made by patients and their relatives who came forward to comply with treatment and collaborate to reduce the stigma associated with the disease.

I look forward and welcome your active engagement to reach the End TB targets and experience the positive outcomes in health, socio-economic and community standards.

Dr. R. Pramitha Shanthilatha – Director-NPTCCD

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World TB Day - 24 March 2022